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Who are we?

Thank you for dropping in to find out more about us and our practices at India Internet Investments Companies. Although the groundwork started in 2011, it wasn’t until January 2012 that the company was formally registered. With headquarters in Hoogezand, The Netherlands, IIICompanies  is focussing mainly on the Indian Internet market. With a portfolio of over 500 .in premium domain names we are setting up niche e-commerce platforms to anticipate on the rapidly growing internet market in India. The companies’ great ambition and right timing are key factors, ensuring us to be a part of the growth India is experiencing. At IIICompanies we are constantly expanding our knowledge and expertise as well as our network. We are dedicated to be amongst the best in all aspects of our business, as we also expect that from our associates. By constant evaluation of our processes and results we aim to keep the company at its best performance. We like to think big and become bigger. That’s why we need a brilliant team to become a brilliant company. 

Are you a looking to partake and rise with us as an investor or are you looking to partake and rise with us as part of our workforce? 

The Team

Purcy Oomen - CEO (Co-Owner)

Bert Torreman - CFO (Co-owner)

Michiel Nicolai - CTO (Co-owner)

Why India?

India is one of the greatest countries, for those seeking  business opportunities in economies on the rise. In order to seize an opportunity one must first recognize it. India is one you can hardly miss. With a fast growing economy year by year and an immense population, India is heading  for a dominant role in the world’s economy.

IIICompanies  fully recognizes India’s potential and taps into this emerging market with a strategic and unique view. The internet is our playground. With India already being third on the list of most internet users per country in the world, yet still poor on internet penetration there is great growth potential. While the Indian government is stimulating the internet usage aggressively, IIICompanies  is taking position and executing on all aspects in order to be part of the growth.

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